Villa Wanda

Are you ready for an unforgettable holiday experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? Look no further than Villa Wanda in Sardinia! Here, you can enjoy stunning views of Cala Burantinu and the Mediterranean Sea from the comfort of a furnished apartment. Book your dream now !


A Wild Experience

Enjoy the beautiful view of Cala Burantinu and the Mediterranean Sea from a furnished apartment at Villa Wanda, Alghero. Have a relaxing time at the peaceful beach or go explore the lovely town of Alghero. Make your booking today for an energizing and refreshing vacation!

Villa Wanda

It takes about 42 seconds from the apartment to having your feet in the water. Swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in pristine waters. Admire stunning sunset views from the apartment’s patio. Ideal for families or friends seeking adventure.

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Villa Wanda is located by the sea for real! Make your vacation an unforgettable seaside experience. The interactive map of Villa Wanda is your best ally to easily find places to visit and our beaches to explore.

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Cala Burantinu
Its the most beautiful Cala in the Coral Coast in Alghero

Access to the water

Villa Wanda´s Private
Rocky Cove

Secluded and intimate
Burantinu  Beach

Garden & BBQ Area

Hiking Trail to the Beach. 250 meters from the apartment. A 5-minute walk 

Stairs lead to the cove and the beach

Stone Quarry Burantinu
Historical site
Unmarked Trail

Hiking Trail

Cliff for Diving

Country road to Villa Wanda

Safe Swim Area

Safe Swim Area

Hiking Trail

Beautiful underwater scenery to explore

Beautiful underwater scenery to explore

Sea view from the Patio


The absolutely unconventional apartment, which is right in front of the sea, is designed to resemble a moored boat. Up at the bow, you will find the “owner’s cabin,” which is the largest room and accommodates a double bed, a sofa, and a small navigation table. Continuing towards the bow, there is a “cabin” consisting of two wooden bunk beds and a wardrobe. Towards the aft, there is a small and inhospitable “bunk” housing two single beds or a double bed, depending on their arrangement. It has no porthole and a low ceiling, perfect for sailors who yearn for a peaceful sleep after an intense day of saltwater and sun. Before the dinette, there’s a different “bunk” with portholes facing inward and outward, typical of Nordic sailboats. The ceiling in this cabin is low, and you can access it through a comfortable wooden ladder. At the stern, you will find a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, as eating is essential! Finally, you can step out onto the patio, a comfortable and extensive place where all activities take place. From breakfast to dinner, moments of relaxation and chatting, and for those who like it, a glass of wine while admiring the sunset. The private cove access is just 10 meters in front of you.

Main Room

2 Adults + 2 Children


Bunk bed

2 adults or 2 children

wide bed

Queen size

Very Low Ceiling

loft bedroom

Crew Cab

Perfect for Children

Low ceiling

Sea View

All Day Area


Free Gear

Seaside Adventures

You will find everything you need for a beach vacation, including a kayak, a SUP, and two surfboards. You´ll find also beach parasols and other amenities. They are all free and available for your use.


Home Accessories

The apartment is fully equipped. You'll find a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, and other amenities, including a Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use.
The hi-speed Wi-Fi it´s free.

For your Baby

Make Your Baby Happy

In the apartment, you will find everything that your child needs. Two baby chairs for eating, a stroller, a crib, and much more. If you need anything else, just ask.

Villa Wanda's Private Cove & Beach

Villa Wanda’s rocky cove, with crystal-clear water, is only 10 meters from the apartment. It is located at Cala Burantinu, which is the most famous bay in Alghero. Burantinu Beach is a 200-meter walk from the apartment.

Private Cove

After coming here, you won't be able to resist returning.

Cala Burantinu Beach

The most beautiful beach in Alghero.
And you can relax here!

That is Villa Wanda

Amazing Experience !

Experience true immersion in nature like never before with Villa Wanda. An unconventional apartment designed like a moored boat, set against a spectacular view of the sea. This is not your typical beach vacation with crowded sands and lines of umbrellas. Instead, you’ll find yourself in a wild and rugged location where the sea meets the land. Step out of your front door and breathe in the refreshing scent of the Mediterranean while overlooking the vast and open sea. Each room emits a ship-like atmosphere, with the largest room resembling an owner’s cabin, and the other spaces designed as cabins and bunks typically found on naval vessels. The well-equipped kitchen and spacious patio offer the utmost comfort for meals, relaxation, and the simple pleasure of admiring magnificent sunsets. Villa Wanda is a place where you can truly escape the bustle of everyday life and connect with nature.

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"Who are we, where are we going, where do we come from". Paul Gauguin.

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You are We are Villa Wanda is Beach is Private Cove is Cala Burantinu is Relaxing is Beauty is here !

It takes about 42 seconds from the apartment to having your feet in the water. Swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in pristine waters. Admire stunning sunset views from the apartment’s patio. Ideal for families or friends seeking adventure.

Villa Wanda

Villa Wanda

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Alghero is a charming town located in the northwest corner of Sardinia. It boasts a fascinating history, beautiful beaches, and a relaxing atmosphere. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers traditional eateries, while the lively harbor district has plenty of shopping and dining options. Must-see attractions include Neptune’s Grotte and Palazzo d’Albis. Lido beach is a popular spot to relax or explore the rocky coastline. In summary, Alghero is a great destination to experience the best of Sardinia.

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Villa Wanda

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